How do you deal with change in your life?
Gustavo Razzetti

Change happens often around here.

Most of the time its subtle, the kind of change that you probably first desire, then unconsciously work to achieve. It’s hard to recognize it as your own doing, but when it manifests, it’s easy to adapt and even embrace it. As if you had been preparing for it your whole life.

Sometimes however, change jumps out at you, like an angry monkey, disrupting the peace and order you once took for granted. Rest assured, from experience I can tell you that trying to forcefully restrain the monkey will only make things worse.

I find that it is best to take a deep breath, sit back and watch, don’t avoid the monkey. You need to look attentively and listen to decipher what it needs.

Is it hungry? Is it tired? Does it want to leave? What is the monkey pointing to? Where is he looking at?

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself talking to the monkey, it may turn out to be a friendly one too. My monkey has helped me end toxic relationships, find healthier ones, explore new living arrangements and even land new work.

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