It seems to me from my observation that this black feminist movement is turning into an anti black man movement.

If we are going to progress it has to be together. One can not ask for tolerance and respect then in the same breath be disrespectful and intolerant. That is not how the balance of life works.

This whole F black men thing that is happening is so beyond my comprehension. The men that surround me , though we may not always agree, respect my journey of being myself and speaking my mind. And just because men do things that are side eye worthy does not mean that I will diminish or demonize an entire group of folk that happen to be the yin to my yang.

The men around me will tell you that they gets told but they will also tell you that I am far from perfect and can make stupid choices. But all of that contrast has allowed us to evolve into smarter wiser people.

Every time I hear men ain’t ish or black men are trash I cringe. I also cringe when I hear black men call us b’s and hoes. Umm it stems from oppression folks. At some point the oppressed become the oppressors until a time when we take responsibility for how we communicate and why.

We all have some hurt to heal and we can not do it without each other. As Dr King and others have stated , we are interdependent. The feminine energy and the masculine energy require balance and reconciliation for us as a people to really move forward.

We can all do some f’d up ish but it does not mean we are bad people it just means we have room to grow. But isn’t that why we are all here, to learn, grown and evolve? No one is perfect but we are all divinely perfect in God’s realm. 🙏🏾🖖🏾✊🏾

Good morning. {ps forgiveness and redemption matters}