Introducing ./ — human-centric people management for crypto

It is crucial to build a human team when scaling distributed digital organizations

We work, invest and dream of automation. We’re hesitant for the day the world will be served by AIs.

Yet we’re afraid for this dream to come true. What will humans do?

We’re in a rush to hire people with diplomas for languages, certificates for accounting, data analysis courses, software expertise… and if there’s a Stanford MBA, straight in.

Next we blame the candidate to be volatile when we did no effort to retain them. Then we wish to program a script to get the job done. And realize that you actually need a human to lead a team and machines are kind of far to do that.

’Cause there’s something that robots cannot replace, and that’s human’s soft skills. (Well, at least in the short term)

Technology enables us to be more human. Instead we try to be better machines.

Photo by Saksham Gangwar (edited)

Human-centric people management

We all want to avoid firings due to bad company fit. Firings due to bad performance. Firings due to insufficient knowledge… And we all know how expensive bad hirings are.

The truth is that hiring processes are highly time consuming. Performing and evaluating an interview requires quite a lot of experience or a bit of sixth sense. And if you don’t have an HR manager, you’re probably only thinking on meeting deadlines. Not saying that developing your current team is a mission completely off the schedule.

We don’t believe in “My name’s Ana and I’m a Standford MBA”. We believe in “My name’s Ana and your mission f*#$% excites me”.

But we don’t go for the Ana that connects with the team. We tend to go for the Standford Ana, just because it’s easier.

Check out this Naval Ravikant Twitter threat

./ aims to help tech projects select the best talent by candidate’s potential, motivations and cultural fit. Filtering out those who apply to just get a job. So founders can focus on meeting deadlines.

Our hiring process is human-centric. We put the emphasis to candidate’s soft skills and provide resources to polish hard skills with personalized development plans.

Hard skills are great, but they won’t make a difference. We look for human details, unique to each Ana, unique to your team.

We select and onboard to your project the right Ana for your mission.

HR management for crypto

It’s been a while since I first heard of Bitcoin and a year digging in the crypto space. It’s probably been the most exciting year for the ecosystem with all the ‘security learnings’ and the ICO madness.

But among all this madness there are key projects surging to build the future in a decentralized, healthy manner.

During the last months we’ve seen many crypto projects doing token sales and getting millions in funding from the community to pursue a mission.

So money is not a problem, the problem is the lack of talent and the pressure to deliver. This mix pushes a lot of founders to hire fast and fire slow. Well, that’s like buy high and sell low. Not sustainable.

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And talent is not enough to work in crypto, candidates first need to have a deep understanding of the ecosystem. Then, they need to understand the mission they’re pursuing because they’re working for a community that funded that project.

That’s where ./ fits in.

To understand your revolution to bring you revolutionaries. To help you command the crew when your ship is heading to Mars (or to the Moon 🚀)

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