What if … We change our thoughts?

We are so afraid of suffering and being in pain that instead of facing it, rather we choose to kill the pain. And sometimes killing the pain is killing our dreams, our hopes and, unfortunately, it might be killing ourselves. And we can succeed. Which makes me think:

Why not use this power that fear can positively give us? In a healthier way for us? Why to not convert that huge fear into a tool to become better?

Instead of facing our most weird thoughts we bury them in the most hidden corner of our mind.
We lie that those feelings are gone, but they aren’t. They are stuck in that dark corner and will come out when we expect less. Be honest with yourself and pain will be less.
Instead of running away from our thoughts maybe would be healthier to stay and confront it. It is like in a war, like in a fight, where is only a way to win, is only a winner and would be great for you to be the winner. In this way, you can continue living your life, experience all the beauty that surrounds you. 
Sounds impossible? Trust me, it isn’t.

Change your thoughts, and everything will change. Change your approach, and many of your problems will disappear.
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