Why Compliance is a Key Consideration when Publishing an eBook

By Monica Paul

Special thanks to D.J. Swykert who helped me with his valuable opinion and edits.

We have been in the publishing market for almost three years. Being a new company in the market doesn’t mean we don’t know the market.

The other day I read a very interesting article about what happened with Amazon and all the scammers issues “Amazon Takes Aim at Scammers but Hits Authors” published by David Gaughran. It was really sad to read how some authors were harmed by the Amazon’s actions to control their security issues.

I perfectly understand Amazon would need to control the security bridge they were having but authors didn’t have to be affected.

We have never received the kind of emails from Amazon that David Gaughran mentions in his article; so this made me go to the Amazon’s website and analyze all their instructions and policies. Thank you David! Your article was very helpful and illuminating!

These are my thoughts, and I want to share them with you. All the authors give a lot of their time to their writing, they put their heart, soul, and effort on this in order to come up to a piece that they want to share with their readers. They often spend years writing, editing, polishing; until they have the piece of work they want to publish. All this effort deserves to come out to the market as a high-quality product.

Once a manuscript is finished it needs to go through a process to make it a five nines book. From the text layout, and the cover design to the presentation, the TOC and the blurbs, even the Chapter’s titling need to be considered as key elements; all these elements will give the book its very unique personality.

Formatting a high-quality eBook is no joke. It’s important to consider that after all an eBook is a piece of software so after formatting a perfect file, handling the right tools to compile it requires technical skills.

So what should we consider when publishing a book?

1. A perfectly edited manuscript. Editing, proofreading, and correction are a must.

2. A marketing/sales strategy and plan. This would help defining the book design, and format as well as a distribution strategy according to the target market. This also includes a sales timeline to publish and market the book.

3. Compliance. Retailers have rules and policies to follow in order to distribute a high-quality product that is not going to be rejected or turned back.

4. The book design. This defines the layout, the cover, the blurbs, the TOC and even the Chapters’ titling. All these according to the target audience and distribution strategy.

5. Formatting. The file’s final formatting and compilation. Now we have an eBook!

6. Uploading. And then let’s rock!

We released “Sweat Street” this January according to the to-do list above; the eBook is in perfect compliance with all the retailers we chose for distribution, so the author is happy looking at his sales graphs’ growth.

In a nutshell, compliance needs to be considered as a key element of the publishing strategy of any eBook.

Originally published at magicmasterminds.com on March 21, 2016.