The Velvetizer: Hit or Miss?

A new addition to Urban Decay’s vast makeup line is a loose face powder called the Velvetizer.

Courtesy of Urban Decay.

This catchily-named product was recently featured in a YouTube video by GlamLifeGuru as a rather odd product which lives up to its claims surprisingly well.

The product is marketed as a finely milled powder which you mix into your foundation before application. The result is a full and flawless coverage which won’t break up on your skin after a few hours wear.

The powder is translucent, therefore won’t darken or lighten the foundation shade. Instead, it will thicken the consistency, which would ensure better coverage.

Courtesy of Urban Decay.

Does it work? Absolutely. It makes perfect sense that it would. Makeup users have long mixed a drop of oil or moisturizer to their foundation to create a glowy finish. Therefore adding a powder should have the opposite effect.

This powder in particular does indeed feel velvety and mattifies my foundation. It renders the makeup longer lasting, which is good news for combination to oily skin. Urban Decay recommends mixing a dime-sized amount with their foundation, NAKED SKIN Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup. But as Tati Westbrook correctly pointed out, any similar foundation will do.

Bonus: the Velvetizer is can be used as a setting powder as well and works like a dream if used sparingly.

Is it worth it? At $42.00 CDN… yes, but only if you are already on the market for a high-end, loose powder.

If you already have one, then no. Don’t waste your hard-earned money.

While that sounds abrupt, let me explain why:

The truth is that any finely milled powder will do. Whether it’s Laura Mercier’s loose setting powder or even a drugstore brand (these are not as finely milled as their more expensive counterparts, so in that event, it’s better to use a smaller amount of product when mixing).

The concept of mixing in a bit of loose powder with your foundation isn’t a new one. Makeup blogger, Beauty Gypsy, mentioned that it was a professional makeup technique all the way back in 2014. More recently, makeup artist, Wayne Goss, used this trick in his video for the ultimate shine-free skin.

On those days I’m looking particularly raccoon-eyed, I’ve also previously used the same method for my liquid undereye concealer . The powder instantly thickens the concealer to Shape-Tape heights but for only a fraction of the price.

Meanwhile, Urban Decay’s idea to market this product as a mix-in powder is a smart, albeit typical marketing tactic. They dug up a makeup hack that happens to work like a dream but isn’t widely known. They then capitalized it as their own and came up with the name Velvetizer. That name alone calls to all makeup lovers, regardless of their skin type! I mean, who doesn’t want velvety smooth skin? Added to that, the deep purple packaging is slick and fancy AF. While that doesn’t change the product, it adds to the overall luxury.

Urban Decay devotees and most makeup lovers (who haven’t heard of or tried the mixing method) have already pounced on this product and leaving stellar reviews on the Sephora website. Undoubtedly, other makeup brands will be coming out with their own mix-in powders sooner than later.

While the Velvetizer is an excellent product which delivers on its promises, it’s only a legitimate must-have once you run out of your Laura Mercier.

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