My neighbour’s breathtaking garden

It’s unbelievable how one distracted action of ours can finish our precious lives. In the past few weeks I was constantly hearing about some bad things happening to people in my surrounding and I began to gain some fear inside me.

The last that touched me the most is the death of my neighbour. He had traffic accident where he lost his life. The man was old but still had lot more to experience.

His lost got me thinking about the garden he had and the beautiful flowers he was taking care of. In fact I was so worried that now when the garden will be leftover and no one will take care of it the only view from my house that I loved will be gone. More sadly is that those colorful flowers in spring that he used to give me when it wasn’t my day won’t be in my vase anymore.

The thing is that everything is happening so unpredictable and I am starting to believe that we really should live every single day like it is our last.

So don’t think twice to show some love to the ones you care of. Use every given chance to make someone happy. Flower is not a bad idea for doing it. ☺

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