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Best QR Code generator API
Best QR Code generator API
How to choose the best QR Code generator API

In the current era, QR Codes are common knowledge to everyone.

The allure of QR Codes is obvious: they’re safe, contactless, and easy to use. They have straightforward logic. As Joe Waters, the author of “QR Codes for Dummies,” says — “They just work!” In a time where people want easy-to-handle technology to leverage into most things and make it work, this is beneficial.

So much so that QR Codes can not just be included in online and offline materials but also can be integrated into your apps. …

A detailed comparison to help restauranteurs.

Disposable menu vs QR Code menu vs Digital menu
Disposable menu vs QR Code menu vs Digital menu

“Avoid using or sharing items that are reusable, such as menus. Instead, use disposable or digital menus”

- Center for Disease Control (CDC) for restaurants and bars

With the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) issuing guidelines to safely reopen the country post-lockdown, restaurants and cafes will have to be extra careful while welcoming and serving their customers. The CDC guidelines specific for restaurants calls for a widespread change in behavior and business practices of restaurants.

These guidelines naturally stipulate social distancing and hygiene norms that restaurants will have to comply with. …

A detailed comparison of QR Code generators (yes, I tested all of them).

Best QR Code generator: Choose the right one
Best QR Code generator: Choose the right one
Your QR Code is a marketing channel. Pick a QR solution, not just a generator.

QR Codes have been around for two decades, but it never became mainstream. 2020 changed that. As the pandemic hit in 2020, QR Codes took center stage. Brand owners and marketers felt inclined to use QR Codes as a contactless solution driver. From adding them on product packaging to replacing physical menus with QR Codes, these scan codes are everywhere.

But QR Codes are often associated with security threats. To help you choose the safest and best QR Code generator for your use-case, I tested and put together a comprehensive comparison sheet.

Why did the search volumes for “Best QR Code generator” shoot up by 150% in 2020?

Like you, hundreds of thousands of other business…

It’s not art, it’s science :)

Last time I was working on a project, the user sample size was “7”. This time it’s “36”. Why?

Maybe, I was lucky this time to get 36 users! ;)

Nice try at guessing, but that’s not the reason buddy!

As UX researchers we always need to justify the sample size of our users for testing. Clients, colleagues and investors want to know why they should trust the opinions of some random number of people! And these questions are quite relevant and justified to be honest.

In Today’s Era, What has become most favourite for every human being? — Undoubtedly, there is nothing other than Mobile phones and so as mobile apps. Let’s have a look on the current trends of mobile app development in coming years.

“I’m excited about the opportunities with mobile phones and being able to receive information on the go and relevant to what I’m doing at that moment in time.”- Susan Wojcicki

Nothing is difficult these days, as everything can be done in just few clicks from your mobile phones. Earlier, the things which proved to be the pain points for…

Idea behind conducting usability testing is to understand how easy and hard it is for your users to use your app/website, do specific tasks, understanding what user expect v/s what you’re delivering.

Scenarios are the core of any usability test as you have to correctly communicate your participants, what you want them to do during the test. Well crafted task scenario helps you focus on designing around the real needs of the user and removes artificiality from the test.

Scenario example for booking an airline ticket

You want to fly to LA next Monday morning for a UX conference and return back on Thursday morning. …

Mobile app UX design strategies that works

Well! What is the most important factor we have to consider while developing the Mobile App? — Yes, it’s none other than the User Experience (UX) of your app. Let’s have a look at strategies you can apply to offer great UX design for your mobile app.

The feeling that users get by exploring and communicating with your app decides the success rate of your design. So, it is very important to understand your target audience before start designing with the help of surveys or market research. …

Remote usability testing allows UX’ers to conduct user research with ‘hard to get users’ in their own environment. Remote testing is preferable when in person testing isn’t possible due to budget or time constraints or testers availability at multiple geographical locations.

This blog is aimed at pointing out few critically important things to be considered when you’re planning for remote usability testing.

1. Objective of the test:

First and the foremost thing is to be sure about the objective of the test. Try to figure out answers to these two basic questions before moving ahead:

  • What do you want to…

Usability Analysis on the prototype

Stranded on the busy streets on a cold winter morning at 4am in Delhi, is surely not a great experience. Uber, has truly pioneered the concept of mobile tech-driven urban transportation. As the app loads, the user’s location is detected via a GPS, available taxis are visually displayed on a real-time map, you are informed about the estimated arrival time and fare. Amazing concept executed amazingly! With its presence in 449 cities and 66 countries as on May 28th, 2016, the brand continues to keep the great user experience tag intact. …

Product hunt iOS app — Usability analysis.

What is the cool thing you built? It’s the most common question to start with, especially in the startup community. Most of them are more than just a conversation, they are a great learning opportunity for both ends. Playing with early, innovative products can provide a competitive advantage. This is the concept behind Product Hunt.

A year back, Product Hunt launched it’s iOS app to help the tech savvys hunt great product from anywhere. Check out the latest in tech, books, games and podcasts. Upvote what you like and talk about it with the makers. Just after few months of…

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