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So, I’ve been thinking a lot lately what kind of creative work really matters today, especially in the context of immersive/new media, AR/VR & such. Here’s a recap of my june 3rd twitter rant:

1/ Aesthetics is boring -

2/ Form is integral to the story -

3/ Design is the process but not the goal -

4/ You don’t know what you will achieve but you must think what could be the impact -

5/ Your conceptual framework only matters if it’s set in the global context & it advances something vital within it -

6/ You don’t change things by fighting the existing reality, only by creating something that makes the status quo obsolete -

7/ How you’ve participated in the future of the world is the single criteria that your life can be judged by -

8/ NOW IS THE FUTURE (Every action is future, & so is every conversation)

9/ There are no answers, only choices -

10/ Ideas have consequences.

11a/ Medium is not the message, memory is the medium.

11b/ Memory is the ground we all stand on.

11c/ No culture is self-contained, nor finite.

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‘Memory is the Medium’ thanks to Graham Wood who got me thinking ‘further in the wild’ re what memory in VR means.

And a special thanks for the continuous ‘making me see wider’ to Alysha Naples and Howard Goldkrand.

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creative, strategist, troublemaker. i design futures for a living. deep down the rabbit hole of VR. pathologically curious. always for diversity ⚡️

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