Facing reality

Forming words on a paper, or a screen is incredibly simple. Some people are able to form amazing words. Some people just say things. The possibilities are endless. But, genuinely whether it be good or not, writing down your thoughts is easy. I personally feel like this is one of my strong points. I don’t look at it as a bad thing because, i’m able to acurrately describe how i’m feeling whether it be verbal or not, and that’s already a blessing in itself. This topic i’m choosing to focus on, relates to that of a journal entry, more than advice being given on a topic like I usually seem to do.

There’s some qualities in us that are known to be ‘natural qualities.’ Now, natural qualities are not what they seem, because we were born with the power to do amazing things, anything we set our minds to. How we are raised and brought up is actually where we gain those ‘natural qualities’. How the people you grew up around acted, what they said, it makes you, who you are today. We have these restrictions in our lives today based on what we were taught as we were younger. We have these boundaries set that are very difficult to see because we’ve only been focused on what was taught us and what we SHOULD believe. Jen Sincero introduced me to this idea in her very famous book “You are a Badass”. She puts more emphasis on beliefs than actions. But, I find that with both beliefs and actions, it’s the same idea. She states ;

“Our subconscious mind contains the blueprint for our lives. It’s running the show based on the unfiltered information it gathered when we were kids, otherwise known as our “beliefs.”

As she puts more emphasis on beliefs, i’m going to put more emphasis on actions. Because, this is exactly what this writing is about. It’s the same exact thing with actions, we see something being done and we form a belief that, that’s ultimately how it should be done. But, if we grew up where that same thing was taught, but taught differently, would we not come to the belief that, that is also ultimately how it should be done? I mean after all, there’s not much of a difference, it’s still getting done. There is also another main scenario that resonates deep inside of me. It’s when, something is not shown to you as a kid. How are you to take that concept and make it reality? I’d very much like to relate it to learning a new language. When someone learns a new language, it’s not the most common but, that person may have no background information on the language. Let’s say you’re already bilingual in both Spanish and English. You want to learn Italian. It’s not going to easy but it’ll be much easier learning Italian with your knowledge of both languages, especially Spanish. Now, if you wanted to know Italian and your only background is English, that’s definitely going to make it extremely harder. It’s very difficult to start something with complete scratch. Now you can see why, growing up without the presence of something there affects a person.

Growing up, I wasn’t around intimate relationships at all. I never was able to full experience and see how it was for example, a man to treat a woman. Of course, when we’re trying to learn this concept, we do suffer because we don’t know, how things are supposed to be. We must make judgements for ourselves and go with what we believe to be right and wrong and seperate them us far as we can. This is not an easy journey and I feel that you have to have experienced a lack of something, to fully grasp this concept. It’s hard to react when something is getting thrown your way because, you’ve never experienced it before. To me, I feel like i’m completely stuck at the same level.

I believe the only way to get through a misfortune like that, is to have someone who is understanding and willing to see the qualities that are already inside of you, wanting to bloom out. And it has to be the right person. Words and thoughts are easy to put down, maybe because i’ve grown up doing that. But the doing is where i’m completely stuck. I mainly write this in the hopes that someone can relate to it and tell themselves, they’re not the only one.

I started writing because, when I read other peoples writing, I found out just that. That others had ideas like mine. So, I wrote to see if people could relate to what was was specific to me. I hope to touch hearts in the process. <3