Standards you set for yourself

If I have expressed this idea in my writings before then bare with me because, this is one of those extremely important pieces of advice that is so extremely important, you’ll realize the significance when you’re placed in a situation, where standards are to be set for yourself.

I look at the world like this. The world is full of other human beings. What someone does can affect you. The way a person decides to move their life can affect you. There’s many scenarios in which, the people closest to you, can guide your life with the actions they implicate on their own.

We’re one huge massive force, that learn from one another. Where else do we learn things if not from one another? Our goals in life include setting ourselves apart from one another. The struggle most of us go through is to achieve the highest level possible. And the highest level possible stops where we set our standards for ourselves.

The belief that you can only reach so far is the thing that’s holding you back. Your belief can manifest into the real thing, if you believe it can.

The things that we take most for granted to in our lives, is what helps us the most. We weren’t made to sit on this earth, and dream our lives away. We were made to strive towards those dreams and accomplish them.

The world is much more magical than it seems. If you tell yourself you deserve better and you won’t ever settle with something you don’t deserve, you’re on the right path. When something happens, we think of what went wrong, when really it’s about why it happened and what we can do to improve it next time. It’s about strengthening the thoughts of how we think of our insecurities. And be the best us that we can be.

From my personal experience, when I settled for what I didn’t deserve, it’s exactly what I got. Pretty simple, right? But, when I started to see myself as a beautiful soul, who just wants to be happy and find love (that’s my ideal life) life started getting so much better. When, I didn’t accept what I knew I didn’t deserve, I made room for the things that were much more welcoming and beautiful to my life. I may not be perfect right now and there’s still tons of things, I’m working on changing about myself, but I’m happy. I’m happy because I believe i’m going to find what i’m looking for. I believe i’m going to accomplish my dreams. Why settle for low standards? Some of the best stories are from people who had nothing. The only reason most people don’t believe they can do something can be for multiple reasons but, a huge one is that, they don’t believe it’s THEM out of everyone. Why me? Well, maybe because you’re absolutely amazing. You just have to see your potential.

Even when things get bad, your belief in the unknown is what will keep you happy. Remember that.