Colorado is a place that is dear to my heart. Not the state of Colorado, but Colorado Street. I was born and raised on this street in a city outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, known as Kenner. To locals, we include this city and neighboring ones as “New Orleans.” My transition from a curious child into a culturally thirsty young adult is all owed to this very city and street. Tap and Jazz dancing, school bus rides and fairs, making the best 90’s mixtape and rollerblading with a cassette player, sleepovers and extended curfews, pool and Cheetos parties, bicycling to the lake and dives off the lake pier, green pagers and MS-DOS PC’s, puberty and boy crushes, first license and car wreck, freedom, happiness, friendships, adventurous spirit, sophisticated palate, and my love of new experiences were all discovered on this very dear street, Colorado St., in this very dear city, New Orleans.

My first major life shake-up- Hurricane Katrina- further redefined my experiences. A move to our neighboring state of Texas and new life in college brought more boy crushes, more friendships, more parties, more life awareness, and more cultural thirst.

My second major life shake-up- my dear father’s passing- forever redefined my experiences, my strength, and my resilience. New Orleans brought me back home under unfortunate circumstances, but enveloped me in its accepting arms. Through this I cried, laughed, and loved more than ever before. I became who I am now because of my family, friends, and experiences.

My thirst for more experiences will never be quenched. I owe it all to my vibrant city of New Orleans.