How You Can Help Under-Served Women in Developing Countries

“You are not good enough! Look at you, you are the worst grand-child we have in our family! Why are you such a shame to us? You will never be successful, you will never make it to anything. You are just a stupid girl that no one wants to be around with anyways!” I have been listening to those words over and over again for many years, starting at age 12. These words burn deep into your soul, although they don’t seem harsh to some people combined with the tone they were spoken with and the actions followed, they had a huge impact — and they do last for a very long time. These words belong to members of my family (not parents and sister but others) when you’d think family is supposed to support you.

All my life I was kind of “different”. Born with a kidney failure and following chronic kidney & urinary tract diseases and having chronic migraines with aura starting at age 4 always made me an outsider by default. But I was mostly happy and always had the will to fight and push through and I surely owe my disease a great deal of strengths in life and a necessary amount of “no f*cks given” attitude to be able to get through all of this without going nuts. Going through this, and all the other struggles in my life, I know how it feels to be mentally abused, to feel alone with all of this and to have to fight my way out of it.

About 5 weeks ago I found a post in a Facebook group for women in Hanoi. The young woman posting asked for help, explaining how isolated and lonely she feels in Hanoi, that she can’t motivate herself to work out or do things and she is literally off her feet. Another woman agreed with her, said she felt the same and offered to go for a coffee with her. I knew this was my calling, as I am building my Motivational Coaching business. So I did something most people probably don’t even think of: I offered help for free. No conditions attached. No limits.

I offered both of them to come to my house, have some tea and snacks and a motivational coaching session with me. They were in awe and so thankful someone wanted to take care of them so they accepted.

But I never expected, what happened afterwards. Within 3 hours I had 25+ requests of other women who wanted to join my group and asked if I could offer those sessions to them.

So within this evening, I set up a group, added all of these women, asked for best availability and set up 2 free group coaching for the next day already. Between 5–8 women joined each of the sessions, also due to the short term notice.

I planned to do about 2 hours — but it turned out we needed 3.5hours each session.

We had intensive talks about their stories, struggles and backgrounds. In each session, I would offer specific advice, personal tasks to take home and would help them learn how to be more mindful and achieve more happiness for themselves.

I was helping to change the perspective on each of their struggles, finding new solutions, and bring them closer to mindfulness for a more positive approach to life in general. Their individual daily tasks would help them to progress with their issues. It was a success for sure.

I held a total of 6 sessions within 4 weeks.

We always had new women joining us, sharing their stories and experiences and opening up to the group in order to receive help. With all my life experience and motivational & resiliency coaching, I was able to help each one of them and give them positivity back to their lives.

happiness is key

But this was just the beginning of my help — I have decided to make it my purpose to help under-served women in developing countries, who usually wouldn’t be able to get the help of a coach.

I will not be an alternative for a counselor either will I replace a psychologist — but I am the person who will show these women how much they are worth, that they deserve a better life and that they are indeed able to transform their lives into their dreams — no matter how small or big. I will be that person, helping to change their mindsets, turning their often horrendous life experiences into lessons that will help them move and push forward for a better life.

My new coaching concept UNLIMITED U will help exactly these women to transform their lives — for free.

In order to fund these coaching sessions, I will offer my services to all women out there who need some serious life transformation. No matter if you are stuck in a job that you are not appreciated in or you don’t know how to move forward in your life, because “life just happened to you” and now you feel like you gave up on trying.

Or did you go through such horrific experiences like rape/sexual assault and you want to move on but you feel like, this is holding you back?

I am here for you, and together we will kick your fears into the dark and will build up your resiliency! We will define your goals, get an action plan up that is realistic and start working on it so you will also become accountable to yourself.

After I have been told I wasn’t good enough for literally half my life I have been raped, too. Twice. Believe me, when I say for many times I thought “It must be true, I am just not good enough.” But all that is, is bullsh*t! It’s the worst thing someone can make you believe, and I want you to know that you are not only a very beautiful person — but you are more than enough. You are damn amazing and SO enough for everything you want to achieve ❤ Don’t you ever want to believe something else.

If you feel like you would love to support the UNLIMITED U Empowerment Workshops and get some kick ass Resiliency & Motivation Coaching please contact me here: Monique Lindner — Motivational & Resiliency Coaching

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If you know any organisation within Asia (that’s my current location) that are happy to receive my services, please let me know in the comments.

And never forget: You are enough!