Should Kids Become Entrepreneurs?

I was born into an entrepreneurial family. We lived above the shop my grand-parents created in the 1940s, which my dad and uncle took over in the eighties and which is now run by my brother.

My parents are still in the shop several days a week. They are from the “old-fashioned”-style: you finish when you’re done. And as taking over a shop with that much history behind it (almost 80 years of existence) they help my brother out until necessary until the job is done, even though they are over 70!

I was born into that way of thinking. As we lived above the shop I saw my grandparents and uncle every day. Business was discussed over coffee after school, especially my grand-dad, and I always knew that that was what I wanted too:

Having my own shop at home so I could be with my children.

It instilled in me a way of thinking of wanting to be independent, not having someone to boss me around. Of course, I romanticized that a lot and real life turned out to be a little different, but the main part of my adult life I have been an entrepreneur.

Thinking like an entrepreneur means having to be creative, thinking out of the box, looking for solutions, looking for resources, creating a thicker skin and many other skills that even if we do not become an entrepreneur are very useful in a non-entrepreneurial life.

If we instill these capacities from a young age into our children, it could really benefit them when they grow up.

Monique Ameling

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