Goodbye 2015
Lisa Murray Kern

We shall both be more in 2016. 2015 was the year I broke free of the dark depression that held me in its grip for close to two years, two years in which I kept coming up for breath, thought I was clear, than sank bank in. It was the longest time of my middle life. For months now I’ve been cautiously tiptoeing around my new serene calm happy self, hoping it’s not all a trick, that I really am free of the blackness, that I really am a new person out in a new world that’s all shiny and new, to me at least.

Now and then I fear it may come back, but mostly I’m just happy that I’m here now, and that I can dream of a future that’s bigger and better, and of future possibilities that several months ago I couldn’t have imagined because of the depression.

You and me, we’ll see this through.

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