Create life your Terms?

In this blog I share with you a bit of my travels to where I am today. Wouldn’t you agree, that true joy in life isn’t about the destination, but can be found in enjoying the journey of growing, evolving and coming to full fruition?

I’ve always loved to challenge myself and expanding my comfort zone, whether it was in my personal life or in my business, as a mother or as a women that wanted to make a difference.

Leaving my home country was a great challenge and really invited me to create a life that was the perfect fit for me.

I have been living on three continents in the last decade. Born and raised in the city of Rotterdam, my family and I moved from the Netherlands to Curacao in 2009.

Living the Caribbean-lifestyle was great when our children were little, but after six years we made another leap of faith and settled in Sydney, Australia..

I enjoyed my adventures and travels with my husband and our four beautiful children. During those years the kids went trough different phases and as an entrepreneur, my business went trough different stages as well.

And yes, there were challenges on the way. The most important lesson I learned was that the only one who could shape and control my life and future – no matter where I lived -, was me!

I created my dream life and my family has grown stronger and more connected as I grew and developed myself.

I transformed my business, which had gone from consultancy firm to childcare & training centre, into an online coaching business. And more and more my work & life is aligned with who I truly am.

I wrote a book in which I share my most important lessons, which are based on over my 20 years of work as a developmental psychologist, combined with my life experience as a mother of four and entrepreneur.

In this book I describe 6 essential steps or pillars that are the foundation for creating a life on your terms:

1. Take good care of yourself

Loving yourself truly and accepting yourself is one step towards a happier and more fulfilled life. In my book I show several practical exercises that will help build a healthy and positive self-image. I also reflect on the self-esteem of your child and how you can play a decisive role in this.

2. Choose consciously

In this ‘full-of-choices’ society, it is so important to know how to make the right choices without guilt and how to support your children as well. If you have your mission clearly, life becomes simpler, and you go back to your core priorities. To achieve this you’ll have to develop and strengthen your inner compass.

3. Be mindful

If you learn to be more present in the here-and-now, for yourself and your children, and you’ll also let go of our tendency to judge, you will bring your worries to rest. This gives you calmer, focus and space to enjoy more of your beautiful life and simply be happy. Moreover, happy people are a magnet for more luck and happiness!

4. Find your passion

When you discover your true passion and how to flow your unique creativity, you’ll feel empowered and energised again. At the same time, you learn how to encourage your children to follow their path, even if these deviate from the social norm. Enough with doubts and playing small, build your inner courage to follow your dreams!

5. Watch your language

Relation is communication. To build loving connections within your life and family depends pretty much on the way you talk to each other. in my book I share various frameworks, tips and examples to communicate in a different way, with equality and a positive intention. Setting boundaries, listen carefully, be clear about expectations and intentions, are all skills that are discussed. Full acceptance of yourself and others are essential preconditions for real contact with others.

6. Commit to your purpose and keep on moving

Make your dreams come true through inspired action (which means without exhausting yourself). Use strategies and rituals that will help you to stay focused and positive along the way to achieving your goals. By creating life on your terms you will give your children the permission and freedom to do the same.

No Limit Parenting, Do what you love and inspire your children!

In my signature program of six months, the No Limit Parenting Coaching™ Program I help mothers from all around the world how to implement these 6 steps into your daily life and routine.

The program combines the power of working in a group environment and the flexibility of following online modules at your own pace. Also, it offers you the individual attention of 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me.

The Readiness Quiz is the starting point for the No Limit Parenting Coaching™ Program. I’ve developed this quiz especially for moms who are looking for more balance, joy and success, who want to live an amazing life and raise their children from their hearts.

The quiz gives you a quick snapshot of where you are right now and gives an idea of how much you are willing to make changes in your life.

Along with the quiz, I offer you a free 30 minute Skype call when you’ve filled in “YES” three times or more in the bottom row of the quiz. In this interview, we discuss your answers, and I’ll give you advice and feedback.

Take the quiz right here!

So maybe you’ll discover that there is a gap between where you are right now and where you want to be, but the good news is…You can create a new reality too…starting TODAY!

Now it’s your time to do what you love and become a true inspiration for your children!

Love & Courage,


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