Chapter 1: The Journey Begins….Why Coconuts?

So special thanks to a co-worker, Brandon, for recommending a blog of this crazy journey I’m about to partake on. Am I going to be successful? Am I going to completely fail? I hope not. My goal is to write something to you every week for a year. 52 weeks. Even when I don’t feel like it. This is going to be fun…I hope.

The journey — The Big Fat Mexican Life turning into the Big Skinny Mexican Life. Gastric Bypass here I come! You’ve all heard and seen the commercials, the girls dancing around seeming happy as can be. But this is now happening to me! Surgery is scheduled for Monday and I’m completely frightened. When the doctor told me that I was a candidate due to genetic predisposition to certain health issues, I was excited but scared. Then he showed me how much I would weigh after surgery. I about fainted. Talk about shock. It hit me like a train. I've never been a “small” girl. I was born 9 lbs for gods-sake! I guess a more delicate way to put it…I’ve always had the opportunity to shop in the larger section of the stores and ached for the day when I could shop for more then scrunchies or socks at the Gap. Don’t get me wrong. All this comes with a lot of fun-loving personality that I love to share with the world. But now, do I want LESS of me to share? Good luck to me. So much to think about.

So I bet you’re wondering why Coconut Life? Isn’t she Mexican? Yes…this is true. I am. So shouldn’t the title reference Mexican food? Nope! Not in my world. I’m a coconut. It’s actually a somewhat derogatory term for someone who is brown on the outside and white on the inside. Like a coconut.

Growing up, we were raised in the suburbs and we were never around other kids like us. It’s the old story of assimilation. We didn’t speak Spanish in the home as Mom and Dad didn’t want us bullied or ridiculed for being “brown” or having an accent. They were children of the Chicano Movement and wanted a more American life for their kids. So we were raised around kids and friends with names like Jacob and Jenny, not Jose and Juanita.

I remember the first time I was told the coconut joke. I just nodded my head and smiled. Everyone laughed but I just kept smiling. I didn’t laugh because I associated with it. So I’m a Coconut. Proud and True! And this is the Life of Coconuts!