Chapter 2: I’m getting NOURVESS

Yes the chapter reads, I’m getting NOURVESS. For those of you who don’t know the Wizard of Oz, say nervous in your best Cowardly Lion voice. NOURVESS

It’s the night before surgery and boy are the butterflies going. Or it could be the fact that my tummy is empty and grumbling but it’s definitely something. I can’t sleep so I decided to put some thoughts out on paper, virtual paper that is.

Just so you know a little more about me, I have a great daughter, Noe. She’s 13 and the light of my life. Next up in my house, a wonderful boyfriend, Bill and our 2 fur babies, Barney and Dylan. All are on the bed with me as I type this including my 13-year old . Well maybe not on the bed, but in the bedroom close enough to be bothering the tarnations out of me. The reason for the family introduction is to point out that I may bring them into my blog from time to time and this may or may not be with their permission. HAHA.

So the first such reference is to bring in Bill. He said that while my first blog was good, he thinks that I should add some additional background as to why I’m having surgery. So here I go. So yes, the doctor recommended it and health concerns are always an issue, but what was it that made me decide to take the plunge…and the main reason. Type II Diabetes.

I have seen the negative affects this disease can have on individuals. My family has experienced their share. It seems that as we age, we all get this disease. The severity depends on your lifestyle and I don’t want to end up like what I have seen before. One of my favorite people in life, my Nana Emily, died of complications due to diabetes. Before she passed in 1999, she had one kidney transplant, on dialysis several times a week, lost both legs and was bed ridden 100% of the time. I don’t want that life. I can’t have that life. I loved her so much and it pained me to see her go through this every day.

But why surgery? Why just not diet and exercise? I’ve done that. I’ve done every fad and normal life-style changes. Some successful, some not. This surgery is forcing my hand. Forcing me to make this change for good. Otherwise, I could be compromising my own life. This was not a choice I made lightly but then I was reminded of Angelina Jolie. She had a gene that would more then likely cause breast cancer in the future. In order to prevent it, she had a voluntary mastectomy. She was able to choose to save her life. In order to save my life, to prevent myself from losing my legs or needing insulin and dialysis, I’m having this surgery voluntarily. Clear as mud? Make sense?

Well I can honestly say this blog was very therapeutic tonight. It helped clear my mind and put things in perspective again. I guess I’ll go cuddle with the fur babies or maybe Bill now. Sleep is calling.