Chapter 3: OUCH!!

The surgery was a success. Meaning I have less than what I started with. But now, ugh. OUCH, boo! I’m starting to regret ever doing this to myself. I don’t like pain, then again, who does.

I came home yesterday and my lovely sister, Leti, had cleaned my house, picked up my online grocery order and started to make dinner for Noe and Bill. Couldn’t ask for better help. And I am so grateful. She even did the dishes and put away all the left overs.

Then there is Bill. Poor guy, I feel like I’m running him ragged. He’s taking me for walks every 4 hours and waiting on me hand and foot. This morning, he also dealt with my first bout with nausea at 3am. I just keep thanking him for all he’s doing for me. Not many men would stand by your side and not skip a beat. He’s wonderful

So I’m tired and achy and just want to burp, fart and sleep. I feel like an infant again. HAHA! But a light at the end of the tunnel. I am able to get more then 1 ounce down of liquid at a time. I’m not pushing it and letting my body tell me how much it wants to drink, but getting down 60 ounces of water and 60 grams of protein in a day is definitely a hard thing to do.

I also called my nurse twice today. I was nervous about not going to the bathroom and now coughing up mucus. I know they’ll be sick of me by the end of the week.

Also the great thing about staying home is you get to catch up on reading, watching movies, doing craft projects, and such. I’ve only done one of those so far and I’ll let you guess which one. Amazon package came in today as well. It had the INFAMOUS scale that will tell me how much I’m losing every day. Since surgery, i am down 4 lbs. and i’m still very bloated.

So hopefully this will pass soon. Time to take some pain medication and fall back to sleep.