Chapter 5: Fun with Clothes

I already failed! No not on my new lifestyle or food intake, but on the blogging. I missed last week. didn’t mean to, but it was such a difficult week that started slow, but ended on a high note.

And this week, well it’s been a fun week but long. Bill is out of town for work and boy do I miss him. He did a wonderful job taking care of this high maintenance chica; however, he was also getting tired of me complaining about my clothes not fitting. So last week, I first ordered something from Fabletics, hoping that the biggest size, XXL, would fit. I ordered Kate Hudson work out clothes! It’s cute; however, let me tell you, this clothes was never meant for someone like me. Well so I thought. After ordering, I had to wait for it to be delivered.

Then Bill suggested to buy a couple of dresses to get me by. And he was right, I didn’t have much left that fit. Heading back to work in a week so I know I’ll need work clothes. After all, I can’t go to work in my new Fabletics workout clothes. Although that would be very fun and comfortable.

So it was off to 5 different stores and I was dreading it. You see, my clothing life has always included plus size sections and specialized stores. Like I said in Chapter 1, the “skinny girl” store was something that I could only buy socks or hair-ties in. I also knew I wanted things that were cheap since the clothes will be big in the next couple of weeks. And so I’m off. I go to the first store…and I found nothing. Off to the second store….NOTHING. Here I am, scrambling through clearance racks, regular racks for plus size clothes that fit, they were all too big or just didn’t fit right. I’m in this weird in between size. After the two stores, I was becoming defeated. I left defeated. But I have to find something, so I walked into Old Navy. UGH! My first skinny girl store.

I was already hurt knowing that I would leave yet another store empty handed. I’m walking around, looking through rack after rack and then, there it was, I came across one dress on the clearance rack. It was a XL and I was pretty sure it wouldn’t fit. After all, Old Navy is a skinny girl store. I grabbed the dress and a couple others that I found and walked into the fitting room. I tried on the first 2 dresses…NOTHING! I tried on the last clearance dress and then put it on. Closed my eyes and looked at myself in the mirror. IT FIT! WHAT THA!! IT FIT! And then it hit me, tears of joy. So just imagine, me sobbing in a dressing room. So excited about things that fit appropriately. I wiped my tears, took a picture and then called my BFF, Hillarie, so she could share the joy. The things about best friends, they are so encouraging when you need them to be and then they don’t let you off the hook when you do something silly, like crying in the dressing room. HAHA! She’s so supportive and awesome. So I bought the one dress and felt like a success. But one dress does not a wardrobe make. So i’m off to another couple of stores.

Needless to say, the shopping experience ended with only one more dress in my possession, but it was 2 sizes smaller then I wore at the beginning of August. Success!

Success also includes meeting with my doctors last week and this week. Last week was my normal family doc. I’ve been seeing Doctor Mansen for 20 years. HOLY HECK! I just realized it’s been 20 years. Any-who….He is well aware of my health, diabetic, high blood pressure, morbid obesity. Went into the doctor and he checked my levels….and he told me to stop all medication immediately. i’m now off diabetic medication and high blood pressure medication. Officially! WOO HOO!

This week, I also went to my bariatric surgeon. And I’m all healthy, down 30 pounds. He said he wants me to return to work on Oct 3! I’m ready to go back to work!!!! I’m not bored at home, but between trying to remember to drink water and eat protein, there isn’t much room for anything else. But at least I’ve been consistently working out. I’m up to 2 miles each day and went to my first personal training session. I’m going to go for a month, figure out a work out routine and then will decide if I want to continue.

Oh, so back to Fabletics outfit. I got it yesterday and couldn’t wait to try it on. I was hoping it would fit. The suspense was killing me. I quickly ripped the package open…and tried on the pants first. The ghetto booty is my downfall. And there i was again…putting on the outfit…and crying every step of the way. Tears of joy, everything fit. I better stock up on tissues. HAHA!!!