Make a difference; think positive (before acting on anger)

…for the past few weeks I attempted to not watch news, most times after just one minute of anything related to politics I needed to watch half hour of adorable Kitten videos on YouTube afterwards.

It’s not that I don’t care about politics’ or what’s going on in the world but let’s be honest, there’s not much good news out there — a lot is going on the world. Syria is still a conflict zone, Yemen is facing worst humanitarian crisis; Science & women’s Health’s is being painted as the Devil in America and well Europe and UK are in the midst of a Divorce that will get ugly; Venezuela is becoming a Dictatorship — & majority of western countries are too blind to see that Refugee’s are human beings. The list goes on and on… any human being will eventually reach a breaking point when confronted with too much of this bad news.

This is where meditation becomes the cure for all the negative energy (at least for me); in my childhood — early days of being introduced to Buddhism I’ve learned to let go of anger; a lesson that I see as one of the most valuable in my life.

…few years ago at WatBangBrah Temple in Thailand

Over the years I met many events that I had no control off; I got hurt emotionally, physically or I was the one that did someone wrong and had to work through forgiving myself for my mistakes. Anger was always there; anger was like a water pot over fire that if I’d ignore it would eventually boil to burn me. Aside from mediation & my Buddhist Faith; being a writer was always a force that would turn pain into something positive. I write 5–10 pages daily, mostly on screenplays or attempted novels but some days also diaries or poetry that reflect the emotions I faced. Some of these written works may never see the light of the day, often as writer we feel vulnerable when a written piece that is heavy influenced by personal emotions is out there for the world to see. I often struggle to let go, and allow “these personal writings” to be read by other’s — properly cause of the fear that someone may know what part of the written content was personal and which was imagination. Truth is; majority of time that personal content in our art is what world around us most connects.

So for the past few months after watching news I attempted to write about the emotions that I was feeling afterwards; at first it was mostly anger, anger at the world we live in for not being better, and anger at the world for not having learned from History. It took me several mediations to work through it; most days I’d turn on news and meditate one hour before I would be able to write about it. It made think much about how we, Humans even with years of mediation practice still face this rush off overwhelming emotions when confronted with all that bad news we’ve seen lately. After some weeks of meditation, practicing to not allow myself to get upset — I found calmness by balancing the negative with something positive.

There are many positive things happening in world; we may not notice these but they do exist and so every time I did read the news, I read a book afterwards, studied a new foreign language, educated myself on latest innovations in science & medicine or just simply had a conversation with a homeless — it made a huge difference. Now, I can turn on news; inform myself on what’s happening, even if it’s upsetting news and find myself afterwards calm & focused on the positive things in life.

Life is short, we can sit here all day and talk about how we don’t like what`s happening in world; complaining won’t help — if we truly want the world to change for better then we have to start with ourselves as Michael Jackson once sang about “start with the man in the mirror” — — everyone of us can make a difference; we may not change the outcome of election, accidents or conflict on the other side of the world. But we can make a difference in our community’s that starts with us finding peace with the negative emotions that do overwhelm us one way or another.

Not everyone will find mediation as useful as it is for me; not everyone may find that peace the way I did by writing — we all have our own way of dealing with what life throws at us, some go running, some enjoy boxing or other sports — other’s may dance — All that matters is that we find a way to turn the negative into something positive. Its ok, if that doesn’t happen overnight; try out different ways, explore your options — it’s the journey to better days that counts most.

Next time you find yourself overwhelmed with negative emotions, close your eyes for one moment — take a breath then open your eyes again and observe your surrounding — seek the positive, it’s all around us we just have to notice it with open hearts.

BeKind; BeHuman — Think positive