Wake Up

She said to me, the woman I’ve always long to be

Couldn’t tell you how long I’ve been asleep

The spell I’m under is just too deep

Seems like years have gone by as I ride on the tide

Wondering how shall I live, trying hard not to die

Not physically

But rather the woman inside

She’s an artist, its what she was born to do

Sing, dance, write, design just to name a few

An imagination that’s intergalactic

She can solve anything with precision and tactic

Divine Feminine is what they say she is

A Queen, a Goddess, a down right whiz

But the journey has been long and rather slow

And at times she’s not sure which way to go

When there are many directions, ’tis so hard to choose

And in this moment she feels like there’s everything to lose

How can she take her place

When ‘the majority’ only sees my face

Pre-judged by the color of her skin

Never taking the time to discover what’s within

Give up and walk away

And in this realm of hate and monotony stay?

Or keep to manifesting dreams,

And wait for Love to save the day

Taking us to the other side

Where accomplished dreamers and doers are tribe?

But what is it I’m really waiting for,

Someone else to come and open a door?

Am I waiting for someone to ‘give me a chance’?

Or are these dreams in my heart only a glance

Of what is to come in another life?

But the thought alone cuts deep like a knife

Every time I think I’ve seen the way

Seems like there’s always someone saying ‘not today’

But no matter what happens, I can’t shut it down

or the woman within will wear a frown

When my time on earth here is done

I wouldn’t want her asking ‘but head, where is your crown…’