Role: Credit Controller at iHorizon

My name is Keyuri Dattani (21), an apprentice represented and taught by WhiteHat currently employed by iHorizon based in Shoreditch. During education, it had always been apparent that my strongest subject was Mathematics which sparked my passion for finding an occupation within this field. Growing up with my eldest brother, a hardworking chartered accountant showcased to me the achievements and satisfaction that can be made being an accountant. In turn, he inspired me to want to become one myself.

My current roles at iHorizon consist of being a credit controller as well as an office…

Last year I attended the inaugural “Elevate” event in Europe where Facebook welcomed over 130 Black owned businesses to their London and Dublin offices.

Elevate aka “Level Up” is an employee led day-long workshop empowering business owners to elevate their businesses through digital advertising. This was a fantastic initiative and I would love to see more companies launching programmes like this, partnering with Black owned businesses or ensuring they have Black businesses in their client portfolio.

It was a privilege to meet so many amazing business owners and I have enjoyed watching them continue to grow. …

Role: Senior Consultant at Guidehouse

I believe accountancy chose me. My career path started in high school when I was unable to schedule an engineering class and accounting was my second option. I now see it as a blessing in disguise as I enter my 6th year of professional accounting.

After I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in accounting, I immediately joined a medium sized firm providing audit procedures over publicly available financial statements. I gained valuable experiences, traveled overseas to countries like Brazil and South Africa, and made many friends along the way. After five years of working in…

Role: Finance Assistant

I immigrated to the UK with my family from Mauritius when I was 12 years old. I had dreams of going to university and becoming a math teacher, however, I found out when applying for university that I would be considered an international student, and this made it too expensive for me. I’m now really happy this happened as I consider being an apprentice a win-win situation. I have been able to develop my knowledge of accounting, successfully completing my AAT Level 3 and progressing to AAT Level 4 with WhiteHat. The apprenticeship has proved to be…

Stress is defined as “a state of mental or emotional tension resulting from demanding circumstances”. As a result of this tension, people tend to believe that stress should be avoided because it can harmfully impact your physical and mental health.

As mentioned in my previous article, I rolled out my firm’s TED Talk Circles with a discussion on Kelly McGonigal’s TED Talk — “How to Make Stress Your Friend”. The participants found the talk really useful, so I have decided to summarise some of the key points below in support of #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek 2020.

Stress is inevitable so instead of trying…

An interview with ICAEW CEO, Michael Izza

The NGA team interviewed Michael who has over 30 years of leadership experience and has been the Chief Executive of ICAEW since 2006.

1. Please tell us about your first job

I was a Student Union President for a year straight after university. We employed 20 staff and ran the Student Union as a business. I had the opportunity to sit on the University governance committees such as the Senate and the Council. This level of experience was something I didn’t get again in my career until several years later. As a result…

An interview with Cambridge Professor, Alan Jagolinzer

#NGAQuarantineTalks is NGA’s new Instagram Live series to gain insights from accountants around the world.

The NGA team interviewed Alan Jagolinzer to find our more about how you can enhance your skillset and map your journey to CFO.

Introduction — what do you do?

I’m a Professor of Financial Accounting and Head of Accounting Faculty Subject Group at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. I used to be an airforce pilot and I also taught for 6 years on the MBA programme at Stanford. …

Role: Executive Director at Goldman Sachs

I am an experienced risk manager with over 12 years’ experience supporting organisations in the responsible / risk focused deployment of financial capital across a number of sectors & regions. Over the last few months, I have been doing this at Goldman Sachs as an Executive Director within their Credit Risk Management division. Prior to this, I worked with Bank of America Merrill Lynch for over 10yrs.

Alongside a busy corporate career, I champion social causes that matter to me in particular, the empowerment of women and ethnic minorities. I serve on various steering…

Role: Business Recovery at PwC

I did not attend university as in my opinion it appeared to be more beneficial to learn directly at work. I went into railway initially for just under a year on an apprenticeship before joining PwC on the higher apprenticeship scheme.

I work in the insolvency practice which involves providing services primarily when a company enters administration/liquidation. This involves realising the company’s assets, liaising with various clients and stakeholders and making distributions to creditors. I applied to numerous training schemes in the City including oil trading, investment banking and the rest of the Big 4 before obtaining an offer from PwC where I completed my training contract.

I am supporting NGA because everyone should be aware of the opportunities out there no matter their background.

Role: Audit Senior at EY, Wealth and Asset Management (FS)

Having completed a degree in Biology, I wanted to develop my analytical skills and delve into my passion for business. I chose accountancy because I wanted to embark on a career that can provide me with various opportunities to develop and grow as a professional and as an individual. Obtaining the ICAS qualification will provide me with various role options, across various sectors and countries.

I am an Audit Senior at EY, specialising in Wealth and Asset Management clients in the Financial Services office. …

Monique Malcolm-Hay

Building the #FutureofWork | Changemaker | Global Citizen

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