In short, yes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a regular emoji user—but there’s a time and a place for posting them.

Two weeks ago, Slack added a feature where you can set a status that would display an emoji next to your name as well as your carefully crafted 100 characters message hidden away in a tooltip.

Here’s what Slack’s vision for the feature was:

Let’s say you’re stepping away from Slack for a bit — maybe you’re grabbing some lunch, taking a week off, or even just focusing on a task for a few hours. …

I’ve lived in the suburbs my whole life (aside from my 4 years away at college), but with a job in the city, my commute is a whopping 2 hours…one way. You probably think I’m crazy. But I love my hometown and I love my job. This commute includes a 25 minute car ride to the train, a 1 hour train ride, and 35 minute walk to work. Eventually my fiancé and I will move closer to work, but until then I had to find some ways to make the most of my commute on the train.

Some things I try to avoid:

  • Sleeping. I usually…

The design has been coded, the copy is written, and images are uploaded. And now you’re ready to make it live, but wait a just a second… We all know launching a brand new website is a very exciting moment, but there a few things to check off the list before opening that bottle of champagne and finally making it live.

1. OG Tags

When you’re sharing your website on social media Open Graph protocol enables you to add/customize the text and image that appear on the card that social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter generate.

Here are the essentials to…

Last weekend I went to vote early thinking I could avoid the long lines at the polling place. Well that was a little naive of me to think…but long lines were just part of the problem when it comes to someone’s voting experience.

UX Problem #1: Lines are too long and many people don’t have the patience to wait.

When I got there a few other people were walking in and one of the election clerk told us it was going to be a 45 minute wait. The other people immediately left. I’m not going to lie, I also considering leaving — I tried to justify leaving by thinking whether my vote even matters, but I convinced myself to stay. There were maybe 35 people ahead of me and 3 voting machines, I even thought “hey the wait might be shorter than 45 minutes”. Spoiler alert! I was wrong. It took much longer.

UX Problem #2: The dial on the voting machines.

It’s a little deceiving but when…

As someone who gets to be involved in a project from the beginning all the way through launch, there are a few tools that have become integral to my design and development process. These tools helped make me more efficient by enabling me to quickly iterate on ideas and adapt to changes easily.

Design Tools:

Pencil & Paper = Ideation

Pencil and paper is one of the quickest way to sketch out ideas and to quickly be able to see which ideas have the most potential and are worth pursuing.

During every project kickoff meeting, we learn about the direction our client’s want their product to go…

Monique Marchwiany

Head of Design at LaunchPad Lab.

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