Living to help others

I am saddened that in America there are so many homeless people that are not getting the help that they need. I was recently homeless and living in hotels, friends houses, and on the street. As a college graduate I had hit my rock bottom in life and there was no one to help me. Everyone judged me and gave their opinion of the situation because I was single with no kids. They urged me to go live with my mom, go live in a shelter, find a man to take care of me, get involved in a local church so they can help me. What has our world and society come to that we continually hoard up everything for ourselves and not help others. My goal from this experience is to open a homeless shelter that will house over 200 people and help them truthfully. My goal is to help single women with no kids and empower them. I also intend to write a book about this for others to continually create awareness for helping homeless people to regain stability again. I’m now in a new apartment of my own and I am happy. It took months to get here but I’m thankful for the one rental agent that I had named Maria that went above and beyond to help me find an apartment and not be homeless anymore. The world needs more caring people as Maria and as myself that strive to help others. In 6 months I will graduate from Colorado Technical University with my Doctorate in Global Leadership. I will be the first in my family to obtain this degree. I’m 36 years old never married and have no kids but my life is just getting started and I’m looking forward to the new journey.

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