Designing for the Human Side of Banking
Jesse James Garrett

Thanks for this Jesse. It certainly puts a different face on Capital One and dispels some of the myths we have of banks from the outside looking in. As designers we tend to be very hard on the institutions and the services we use, especially if their UX is abominable. Yet we are the first to decline when offered the chance to do something about it — since we assume working at a financial institution isn’t ‘sexy.’

I’ve been using the mobile apps from Fidelity, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and CapitalOne. And it seems as if the CapOne team has a better grasp of how to make my interactions frictionless. At least in comparison to the other financial mentioned.

How much of this culture was present before Adaptive Path was brought in-house? I always assumed the acquisition was a response to what I stated earlier, designers not wanting to work for institutions they believe to be ‘stuffy.’

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