iOS 10 Control Center has a Norman Door
Michael McWatters

I think this is a problem I have never thought about, but it indeed is! Having infinite carousels would be ideal when there are just two pages and wouldn’t be bad even if there were three pages or more pages. It would definitely reduce the number of swipes required.

I have also noticed another problem with the control center that I think many of them have. I do not have fat fingers, but I find it extremely difficult to get the slider (for volume and brightness; the time-strip for audio and videos is even more difficult) right on the first time or even the second time. Each time, I end up swiping the page when I don’t have to and this is really annoying for me as an user and makes me feel bad as somebody with a little UX knowledge. For a company like Apple(known for its tiny details), it is disappointing to seem them skip the essentials of interactions.

I just wish they make the target area for the volume/brightness bar slightly bigger.

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