Kings and Destitutes

Earth has been resided by men from long ago. Deepest plough in history would fetch traces of mankind. Or probably things started getting recorded to become history when mankind came into existence. Wars, kings, Lords, Commanders, Realm have always been quintessential to compose history. There are two important things to be learnt from history : 1 It should not be repeated. 2 Only Kings, wars and poor men can be a part of history; no place for commoners.

Any historical data independent of the place or time it comes from, comprises a King, his rule, A War or a deprived man who brought an ostentatious thought to life. No history recorder could afford to include common vegetating people in history. Sons of king raised into kings from princes. It is very evident from history no family has ever lasted ruling more than 4 generations. They fall!! The reason of this fall lies in the process of turning a prince into a King. Most of the wealthy spoilt princes were raised with inhibition. The protocols, the family pride always prevented them from learning things in a natural way. They were never set free to do things and dig out a learning from them. And when the time came their faulty learning process failed the test. A wise king does not obviate a wise heir.

On the other hand a poor kid who has nothing to lose learn things in a natural way. When survival is endangered human mind starts working in a miraculous way. It brings out the most fit solution to the problem at hand. All lessons learnt with life at stake, come handy in toughest circumstances. And such kids became finest politicians and advisors to dumb offsprings of a King, came age. The throne ultimately slipped into the hands of wisdom.

From Lincoln and Hitler to Einstein and Edison it is the poor and destitues who have given us fine politics and marvelous discoveries. Sadly King’s and their beloved sons could manage to give buildings and monuments only. Of course we can spend a weekend there. But they don’t help much in improving lives.

Next time when your kid tries to do something beyond his capability, don’t stop him. Let him go and learn. He will either come back wounded or learned. And the lesson will percolate down to his life to come.

P.s. This excerpt has nothing to do with the icons of two sides of Indian parliamemt (lok sabha).