Good-bye “how did this happen”, hello forecasting!

“So you wake up and tomorrow is today…”
Surprised by life? Surprised by an unexpected outcome? Surprised because you didn’t see this happening?

There are no surprises at all, all of the possible events going on in the universe and in our lives have nothing to do with being random, although there sure is serendipity (beautiful word and concept).

So how could we possibly have an overview of what might happen if this or that happens… well, it comes from two basic things: experience and intuition…

Experience comes as you pick up from life important data, memories… or whatever you want to call the key learnings from pretty much everything that goes on in your life. Of course this doesn’t mean you have to make a by-the-minute journal, it means that you’re present enough in your own life to be able to gather the inflection moments when things turn into an unexpected or just different way from what was going on. In this sense, experience happens when continuity is lost because you realize something happened that broke the ongoing status.

O.K., so once we understand where experience comes from, when can become more aware of the break points and the conditions that added up so that a change came up. In some activities this is better know as traceability, which in as few words as possible means being able to trace every process from beginning to end, how it happened, why it happened, and what came up from it… In daily life, this is basically the ability of recalling what happens in our lives, including how we got from one place to another, the conversations we had and the people who were in them, the clothes we wore on a certain date, and so on… Then as we put all this data together in a timeline we are able to figure out how things happened in a logic sequence. This is experience and it comes from being aware of our existence at all times (or as much as possible).

Intuition… difficult concept. Some think it’s some sort of superpower, others think it’s just a nice-to-have ability, and me, well… I think it’s a little bit of both things. It’s some sort of power… but for me it’s more like a gift… Not everyone has it just like that, but it sure can be developed and reinforced through different exercises, and at the end of the day the right name for it is the ability of “outlining, selecting and reading” significant data.

What’s really great about intuition or significant data selection is that people who practice this ability/gift become able to forecast pretty much everything because moments, situations, solutions and everything else that can be connected to a previous experience become something like Lego blocks that just have to be put together to construct something new, or that may be useful for whatever means.

At this point you might be wondering how to develop significant data selection to start forecasting things all around… well buddy, you need the super-life-combo: Patience & Time.

First of all, you need to be more present and observe (not just watch) everything that goes on around you so that you can start pinpointing breakpoints, inflection moments, causes and reactions… Are you ready to be more aware of the world and you? You better be.

Second, as you gather information / experiences that match in some similar points, try to figure out the common denominators in order to recall possible similar causes for these events to happen. This is what some people call pattern recognition, and it is useful to find out solutions when needed and to identify the signs when you detect elements that follow the pattern for sorts of different kinds of outcomes.

Last but no least, remember that no teaching or tip is as valuable as experience, so the sooner you start to practice these two brief suggestions, the sooner your intuition will start to build up and the sooner you might be able to start forecasting.

Say good-bye to “how did this happen”, and say hello to “I saw this coming and made the best out of it”.