It is very difficult to go about the streets of Lagos state without hearing a couple of people speaking PIDGIN English here and there.

It has become so common these days that people try to brand it by using it in football commentaries and comedy.

It is hilarious and quite enjoyable when it is spoken not during fight or quarrel.

I was fortunate to hear two warri boys speaking pidgin English and I just stood beside them looking at them as their mouths moved to form the words they spoke.

I will understand if you judge me as being jobless to think that wrong grammar like pidgin English should matter.

As a matter of fact, I think pidgin English could actually be learnt just the way we had to teach queens English in schools.

It is funny that what people refer to as good English could have a lot of grammatical errors. I was told sometimes back when I was still in high school that there were some certain errors that are pardonable in creative setups like poems and songwriting; but that is not what I am talking about.

I think pidgin English should be studied in schools (primary and secondary school) if not higher institutions. American English is a sort of pidgin English and I hear there is something called pidgin French.

In fact, I know that pidgin simply refers to improper use of grammar, but there is something artistic about the Nigerian pidgin English. It is like an art. I think it is very beautiful. I might not know how to flow properly, but I love the warri boys and girls that have taken it to another level.

Beyoncé is being studied in some schools; so I hear. Pidgin English is more beautiful than Beyoncé.

Well, if you ask me to choose; I guess my choice is obvious.