This country won’t win back itself.

Here’s the thing, y’all. This Congress is not going to impeach this President. They’re just not. If Paul Ryan freezes over tomorrow and they do vote to impeach, the Senate won’t convict. That is the longest of long shots.

We’re also not going to convince the Orange kool-aid drinkers to jump over to the taco truck line. It’s too big a leap. Some are overwhelmed by their greed and entitlement, others by pain and addiction, others by fear, hate, and racism. Trying to reason with them is shouting into the abyss.

So you know what?

Forget them. Let’s stop wasting our time.

Instead, there are two things we must do, and do now:

1) TELL A BETTER STORY. A smarter, more empathetic, more inclusive, more joyful story. I’ve never seen so many progressive people so clearly envisioning the world we want, and so clearly understanding that we have to stand up and fight like hell for it if we want it to happen. And throw it on deaf ears if you want, but really? The vast majority of registered and potential voters in this country didn’t vote for 45 before, and are now even more likely to oppose his socialism-for-the-1% agenda. But they have to be voting FOR something else (ideas: Medicare for all. Student debt forgiveness. Alternative energy. Consumer protection. Real religious freedom. Not being so damn afraid all the time, of mostly the wrong things… etc). Which leads to…

2) Start hardcore organizing for 2018 right now. EVERYONE needs to be registered to vote. Everyone needs to know their rights, who their candidates are, how they’re getting to their polling places. The way around gerrymandering and voter suppression is that we ALL VOTE, and we all help our neighbors and friends vote, and we fight every effort to use sketchy machines or change polling place hours or disinform voters, at the local and state level. That’s it. And if we start trying to figure this out a year from now, we’re fucked.

Luckily there are incredible models of this kind of organizing; for one, the SNCC voter registration efforts of the 1960s (and jeez, talk about putting your life on the line to protect our democracy).

I don’t mean stop paying attention or calling out the hourly outrages of our demented President and the gleeful reverse Robin Hoods running the House and Senate. Repealing Dodd-Frank, creating a tax code that is wealthy White people’s wet dream, militarizing racist law enforcement, and ripping away millions of people’s health insurance. It’s all happening. But honestly I don’t see how it stops unless they get the shit kicked out of them in November 2018. It’s far too long to put up with this insanity. But if we spend the next 17 months insulting Trump supporters and hoping for impeachment, it’ll be here before we know it, and we’ll have done nothing but earn ourselves at least (at LEAST) two more years of it.