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A poem

It was a statement I threw out there

Words that tried to explain to you how I felt

How misunderstood, how unfulfilled, how lonely I was

‘I never realized….’ was the response you gave

How could you not know? How did you not notice my loneliness? …

From my experience….that it might make you stop, before you….

I found him.

Strung up, cold and blue. A body hung there, so empty…so…dead.

It was a wet Friday morning, I had received a message from J… ‘Mark left the house last night sometime..I …

Opening up, letting go and smiling….how to love properly

I Love You

Three words…probably the most important words you might ever say in your life. Do not underestimate the power of these words. Do not say them lightly, because they have the power to make or break someone…

BUT….without the back up…the action, these words are worth as much…

Why saying sorry can be the most important thing ever….for you.

This last week I have said two significant ‘Sorrys’. Two very different ones..

The first was a reciprocal forgiveness session.

My second wife and I have been separated for 5 months…(read my ‘My heart is broken…’ story for the why). We had our final mediation session in which we were…


Becoming more vulnerable each day on this crazy journey called life!

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