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Hello, my name is badgy! I’m an ePaper IoT badge with a 5-way joystick!

What’s a Midi Fighter?

A Midi Fighter is a music controller equipped with high quality arcade buttons for a great tactile feel, low latency action, and durability. Every button is also backlit with RGB LEDs, illuminating the translucent buttons with customizable colors and animations.

What can you do with a Midi Fighter?

Me? Not much. But check out what other skilled people…

After playing around with Android Things for the first time, I’ve decided to explore the APIs and try out all the other cool things you could do with this platform. Though blinking an LED was only fun for about 5.2 seconds, that accomplishment prepared me with knowledge to tackle some…

Android Things brings Android and the mobile development ecosystem to IoT devices. It’s currently in developer preview 4, and has support for a variety of platforms, such as the Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison/Joule, and the NXP pico. …

Another interest of mine are computer keyboards. I’ve acquired this interest relatively recently, and have spent many hours since perusing /r/MechanicalKeyboards:

I’m a big fan of Lego, especially the Technic series. Some of these sets come with Power Functions, which adds motors/servos/lights to the model and lets you control them with an IR remote:

2 of my favourite, the excavator and the Mercedes Benz Arocs

The Web Bluetooth API allows you to interact with Bluetooth LE peripherals from your browser using JavaScript. It’s been available since Chrome 45+, but you’ll have to enable it manually since it’s still an experimental feature. You can check out the API and examples here.

To start, I combined code…

*Cut to the chase, show me the build!

The ESP8266 is an amazing little module that packs WiFi connectivity and Arduino support for a little over $2 (less if you buy in bulk):

I first heard of this module about a year ago and was attracted by its price point…

First off, I would like to thank Nathan Meryash for his suggestions! In my next few posts, I will describe using different cloud services and technologies for your IoT project.

Following up with Control your Intel Edison in Realtime with Websockets!, this post briefly describes how you could expose your…

I have a “smart” home. All the lighting in my home is wirelessly connected and I also have a “smart” outlet that lets me turn any appliance on/off that’s connected to it. It was one my first purchases on my quest to “internet all the things” at home.

I got a starter pack with 2 of these bulbs and a gateway for $25


I make things and write about them (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻.

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