Day 22-goddam the news

It’s impossible to stay connected to friends and family right now, on social media sites, without being bombarded by news. I can’t handle the news anymore, but I don’t want to isolate myself. I’m trying to find ways of coping with every little story that comes out these days, but so far, I haven’t found anything.

Is it that bad? Well, it’s only been 4 days and it feels that bad. Scientists under gag order. Hiring freezes. Alternative truth. What the fuck is that? Seriously. The media shouldn’t be covering bald-faced lies. They should just move on. The more time we spend digging up the evidence that something is false, the more time we’re being distracted by idiocy. Don’t report on bullshit. I think that’s a start, no?

When there were rumors that the white house wanted to keep the media out, people were kinda freaked out. I’m not sure why. What’s the point of having the media sit in a room and have questions be ignored and to report on lies? Might as well do real reporting elsewhere. What are the media getting out of being in the pressroom of the whitehouse? Is there actual information they’re learning? Or are they sitting there and reporting that the administration is lying. Why not just report the truth about what the administration is doing, and ignore their spokesman?

Seriously, get up and leave. And if the white house threatens to leak lies to selected outlets, let them. And report on how x,y,z are reporting obvious lies. It’s a waste of everyone’s time right now to listen to Sean Spicer. And It’s incomprehensible to allow Conaway on your talk show. Just stop. Report facts, go home. Leave the garbage alone. It’s not helping.

Hell, right now it doesn’t even seem like the news outlets can report on the lies well enough. Too often headlines obscure the fact that the administration is bullshitting. How is that not front and center? How are there not editorials in all newspapers right now about how this administration is eroding our democracy?

I don’t get it. And so I don’t know how to stay in touch with friends without reading the news too. And I’m getting depressed. We let a bully win. Think about that. We let the worst bully win.

Trump is the least popular president to ever come into the whitehouse, as far as these numbers have been tracked. In normal politics that would dictate that he’d not be able to get away with a lot, but here he is, dismantling programs, and silencing scientists on day 4. Remember, NO ONE LIKES HIM. REMIND HIM OF THAT.

If I had a newspaper, everyday the top headline would be Unpopular Illegitimate President still sits in white house.

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