Day 32

I had ideas this morning when I was on the tain. I was going to wirte about judgment. Then I got into work, drank more coffee, and kind of flipped out. I had too much coffee today. A large mug at home, and half a thermos at work is enough to make me jittery and unbearable. It also pushes me from from focused to crazy scatterbrained.

I was going to write about how we don’t seem to notice how cliche we are. I often hear people of my generation, Gen X, complain about the next one, the millenials. It’s like we forget that every generation complains about the ones that come after it. It’s like, somehow, we feel like, no, it’s different this time, i swear. But it isn’t. Is the next generation lazy? I don’t know. It’s impossible to really tell. Because as I was once a younger person being complained about, who then got older, my perceptions of both my own actions, and other’s actions has changed. We’re less elastic as we get older. More afraid of things are are different. These are blanket statements because they’re mostly true. If you think, oh that’s not me, well it might not be. But it’s probably most people.

If you read what people were writing about technology 100 years ago, it sounds eerily similar to how we talk about technology now. Just insert the iPhone instead of the telephone. Or electric wires instead of computers. These are inventions that have changed the way we live, and for some, that is scary. And so we complain about people who are so disconnected from the world staring at their phone, forgetting that 20 years ago they’d be staring at a paper, or a book. or off into space. is that a better use of your time? I dunno. People will say it is, but that’s really just a way to justify their own life.

In general, i’d be willing to be that people interact more or less the same amount that they used to, they just do it differently. What’s the point of judging that? What’s the point of saying, oh in my day, we didn’t do x,y, and z, we did this other thing.

If what your’e saying could have been said by an generation about anything they ever did, it’s probably not worth saying. It’s not worth having that judgment. All you’re doing is confirming that your’e aging, just like every generation of humans has aged.

I do wonder what the point of it is. Why do we do these things, over and over again. Generation to generation, pissing on the one that comes next? Is it just, somehow, hard wired into human nature? Are we really this predictable? If so, why do we think we’re so unique? We each seem to think we’re special, yet in the aggregate, we’re just the same as any human who’s come before us.

Maybe we should stop judging the next generation, and stop looking down on past generations, and realize that this is all there is. Let’s look at the youngin’s and say: Hey, I don’t get what you’re doing or why, but it’s cool. I probably confused people older than me when i was your age.

Not everything can be the downfall of civilization. It just can’t. Or else it would have ended many times over.

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