Day 49

Brief update from yesterday, I had a dream last night where my organic food co-op began carrying Entenmann’s cakes. It was a lovely dream. This afternoon I went to the grocery store and got another cake. Maybe this one will last 36 hours or more. Do I start the clock when I purchase it? or when I open it? I haven’t figured that out yet. My system has flaws.

I’m not sure I can understand how a 30 minute nap at 12pm can ruin someone from taking a full nap at 2pm. But that’s how toddlers work. He fell asleep in the ca, rjust as my dad was bringing him back in the car and slept for 30 minutes in a car seat. I was able to move him from car to car, while sleeping, a feat that I’m rather proud of. Then i sat in the car and waited for wife to finish with the dentist, hoping the boy would sleep through the rest of her appointment and then the ride home. That would make a decent nap.

Nope. Thirty minutes into the nap he just opens his eyes, looks around, tries to go back to sleep, and then decides he needs out of the car seat. It was a surprisingly undramatic nap wakeup, especially given he fell asleep in one car with one driver and woke up in another car, with a different driver.

Drove him home, and hoped, just hoped he’d go down for another nap. Nope. sat in the crib. cried. sang. cried. sang. and then cried. all for about another half hour until I gave up. I’m impressed with his ability to stop crying in order to belt out “It’s a small world” and then start crying when he’s done. It’s an impressive skill. Try it sometime.

Two days straight of running and I’m super sore. It’s not supposed to be like this, and i should be in PT. I think that, after the actual exercises, and going to the appointments, the hardest part about PT is calling to schedule an appointment. I have a referral in my jacket pocket. It’s been there for 2 weeks. I just need to call. Hopefully tomorrow.

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