Day 52

This will all be poorly phrased.

Conservatives routinely say that they don’t want transwomen into women’s rooms because they pose a threat to women. I keep trying to wrap my head around this. Because every time a man sexually assaults a woman, it seems that conservatives are the first to blame the woman. Or the first to find excuses for the man, or chalk it up to “boys will be boys” or some shit like that. It would seem that if protecting women from sexual assault was so important, that in the face of actual sexual assault, conservatives would try to make it more difficult. Or maybe punish the men who commit sexual assault.

It’s estimated that betwee 1 in 16 and 1 in 7 men are rapists. That’s between 6.3% and roughly 14%. If you figure there are 160 million men in the US, this would equate to between 10 million and 22 million men in the US are committing rape.

The current estimate of the number of transgender people in the US is around 0.3%, or roughly one million. There is no real way to know. That said, trans-people are far more likely to be victims of crime than to perpetrate it. (you can look up the stats yourself, I’m not your mom)

So, if your real concern is keeping women safe, it would probably make sense to start with laws that target the people most likely to commit harm to women. Right? Like maybe strengthen consent laws, or harshen penalties for rapists, or maybe even make it easier for women to safely report rape and sexual assault. Maybe start by believing women who complain of being assaulted. That would probably be a reasonable beginning.

However, conservatives are focusing on transwomen and bathrooms. Why? Because it has nothing to do with keeping women safe. It has to do with feeling uncomfortable around people who seem different. You often hear the argument that we can’t let transwomen into women’s rooms because if we did, then any man could put on a wig and go into a women’s room and assault women. As if men needed some reason, or some excuse to assault women. Men who are going to commit assault, are already committing assault. They’re doing it with impunity. The idea that men are waiting for it to be ok to “wear a wig” and sneak into women’s restrooms to assault women, is just assinine. There is just no rational basis for this. AT ALL.

As a society we should be protecting the vulnerable. Not making their lives harder. I wish that people were a little more honest with themselves and come out and say what they feel: Transwomen make me uncomfortable, and I don’t want them near me. That’s what these laws really communicate. They have nothing to do with protecting anyone. It’s about oppression. Might as well own your fucking oppression. Don’t hide behind excuses.