Day 62

Things I’m trying to figure out about Thomas and Friends:

  1. Do the trains have free will but are stuck on tracks?
  2. If so, why is there a driver in each train?
  3. Also, what are the ehtical implications of this?
  4. Why would the driver let the train disregard what they’re supposed to do?
  5. Is it really the drivers with the voices and personalities and we’re just seeing them projected onto the trains themselves?
  6. What is the point, in some episodes, of someone actually having to pull a track switch, when, in other episodes, Thomas can just switch tracks at will?
  7. Is the division between steamies and diesels a parable for race relations in britain? class relations?
  8. Why would the steam engines be considered “better” than diesels when diesel is more efficient than coal?
  9. In what time does this take place that steam engines are still very common?
  10. Why is being useful the measure of a good train, and not, say, being happy, or being nice? These trains have personalities, they’re not just equipment.
  11. Do the trains age? It seems like some of the trains have been around longer than others. Those trains also seem to be larger, see Edward. If that’s the case, do the trains grow as they age? How would this system work?
  12. Do the trains mate? if some are older than others, where do they come from? Do they just arrive from the mainland?
  13. How do the trains in the steamworks fix other trains? How do they paint them?
  14. Will we ever find out the answers to these questions?
  15. Am I stuck to forever question the internal logic of the Thomas universe?
  16. It does seem like the trains have Stockholm syndrome with respect to Sir Topham Hatt.
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