Gran Canaria


Don’t take anything for granted — not even the weather!

Oh dear London, you are freezing right now. Everyone’s hearts is screaming for summer to come in this land of all seasons in one.

 Caught up between anger and impatience, my feet are itching to just go to the airport and ask for the nearest hottest destination. But sometimes life does not work that way. If there is one thing I don’t like about London is the weather. Here all the 4 seasons I have been used to are all in one day! P.S i am not exaggerating.

 This wishful thinking made me reminiscence the trip I took in October last year to Gran Canaria. If you have never heard of it, Gran Canaria is one of Spain’s islands, with beautiful beaches and lots of sun. The south part of the Island is warm, with blue skies and not so strong winds, however the north part can be at times very very windy and rainy.

 So here I was boarding the plane to Gran Canaria, escaping the autumn London weather and embracing the heat.

Playa del Ingles

Playa del Ingles, All rights reserved.

Playa del Ingles is the largest beach resort on the south coast of the island. Infused with youth, a long beach and screaming of fun.

Playa del Ingles, All rights reserved.


Fairly new to the beach resort scene, Amadores sits on the hill side giving it the wow factor. Here time slows down with a more relaxed vibe and plenty of bars and restaurants. The food is amazingly fresh and varied to accommodate all tastes. My personal favourites were the salads, the seafood and the freshly squeezed juices.

Amadores, All rights reserved.

Amadores, All rights reserved. 

 The sunset caught me on the beach. Time was slowing down, boats were slowly passing by, the waves were washing away the footsteps on the beach. As the sun was setting down a golden path was laid on the sea, flickering with the intensity of a diamond, calling your name, almost daring you to come walk on the sea into the horizon. The clear blue sky was now invaded with orange colours, matching my dream state. My mind was turning blank and all my sensations were overpowered by the stillness of the moment.

Amadores, All rights reserved.

Amadores, All rights reserved.

St Augustin Beach

I remember my last day, I managed to get a few more moments on the beach. This time it was at San Augustin beach where the sand is black, but still smooth and warm. I got hit by the waves, one last kiss by the sun, and nourished my body with a boosting freshly squeezed jumo (juice).

St Augustin, All rights reserved.

St Augustin, All rights reserved. 

 I was leaving behind the sun, and as I was approaching the airport, wind and grey skies were welcoming me. Almost a wake up to reality that I am going back to London to a similar weather.

 Nonetheless I was refreshed, I had sand everywhere, my hair was still wet and in a few seconds I went from being in my shorts and flip flops to being back in my jeans with my coat out ready to get back to London. I was kissed by the sun and that made me happy.

 What is your favourite beach destination?

 Until next time dear reader,

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