The principles of which proudly originate directly from the ancient Rome , one of the craddles of our civilization in the best of its glory…
Wonderful piece!
Ivana Knezevic

I loved your comment, but I’ve got to correct this: all that Romans did was because they had African teachers. Not trolling, not looking to start a race war, just truth. I can recommend some excellent texts on the topic. Love you.

And yes, maybe it had started long before. Maybe even as far back as original sin. Self-consciousness is the main culprit, and we’re in too deep now. Also, the lack of stillness, no – the lack of true darkness, like jungle darkness. Everything is illuminated, no mysteries to observe, nothing to humble ourselves for. Nothing to fear. I navigate this new world trying to balance this external reality with what I know to be true, which is that I know nothing at all. Good to sit with that a few moments each day. Good to shake my head in amazement when I witness continued degradation. Good to teach my kids the same.

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