Uh…are you saying the Democrats might start a “human-species-ending nuclear world war”?

Haha next time read TFA. Ms. Johnstone has explained it all for you, or perhaps we should say she has explained it all for any reader whose mind hasn’t been killed by politics. I voted for Bernie, but I certainly didn’t follow that with a wasted vote for one of the two Mainstream Party candidates. Mrs. Butcher of Libya would have already been in the tar-baby of Syria with both fists and both feet. We will lose this war just like we’ve lost all the other wars we’ve fought for the last fifty years. Trump is a horrible person and a pretty poor president, but you morons have hounded him into this calamity, mostly out of your frustration at being misled by Nate Silver (again).

And it’s a total double standard! Reagan and Obama, to name two presidents who made deals with Iran before taking office, were never investigated for that. Numerous other presidents, including the last four in a row, had staff take extensive meetings with the Soviets/Russians before taking office. Before the current administration, that has never been seen as a reason to go to war with the people who have all the nuclear weapons. “October Surprises” are a regular campaign occurrence, at least when the candidates have pulled all kinds of shady shit (like say colluding with the national party apparatus to deny primary opponents a fair election), and that requires no foreign involvement. Trump didn’t blame e.g. the North Koreans for that whole “grab’em by the pussy” episode…

We’re all about to die horribly, because you idiots are poor losers. You are the reason no one outside the West believes in representative government.

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