US Continues To Attack Syria In “Self Defense” To Provoke Assad Retaliation
Caitlin Johnstone

I’m not sure that Pearl Harbor is the best analogy for the calamity that the war pigs are trying to engineer in Syria. It seems much closer to Tonkin Gulf. USA had no legitimate interest anywhere near the coast of North Vietnam, just as USA has no legitimate interest inside Syria. Navy lied and NSA lied, and the military-industrial complex got the Vietnam War out of the deal. Rather than a single bullet hole of unknown provenance in a Navy bulkhead, some of the public is probably aware enough to require actual blood to kick off this disaster. That’s why, at this point, Air Force and Special Forces are on a steady stream of potential sacrificial lamb missions, just waiting and hoping for the big headline. Russians and Syrians know this is going on, and “no American deaths” is a perfectly valid rule of engagement, but they might not control the situation well enough to follow it indefinitely. Even if they go another month successfully playing this strange game, who’s to say the stalemate won’t be broken by e.g. a false flag attack by USA ally (in Syria anyway) Al Qaeda?

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