Building my own Retropie Mini Snes

When I saw the Adafruit Pigrrl 2, I knew I had to build one with my 3D printer! It took a few days, but it was pretty sweet to build a portable Raspberry Pi gaming system with their kit. While it worked great with NES, SNES, GB and GBA games, it did struggle a bit with N64 games.

So, I decided to look into building a more powerful set-top box to plug into the TV! This build is a little old, but still works. I hope the process may help inspire others.

Perfect for Social Distancing

After Shelter-In-Place started, I wanted to keep busy with a huge project. For a few years, I’ve always wanted to 3D print a life-sized Buster sword, Yet never had the time to dedicate to it. What time could be better than now!

Designing a 3D printed Raspberry Pi 3 A+ Portable


A couple years ago I bought my first 3D printer kit, a Makerfarm Prusa i3. This last year, I upgraded it into a massive Makerfarm Pegasus 12". Ever since I first got a 3D printer, I’ve been on the lookout for cool things to 3D print.

I grew up playing the Super Nintendo, so the Adafruit Pigrrl 2 looked like an awesome project! I ordered a kit, printed all the parts, spent a few days assembling, and ended up with a working gaming handheld. I even modified the back, to support…

It looks so good it hertz

Last week I got a CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4gb (paid link), and wanted to try Steam Remote Play at 4k60hz. Previously, the Raspberry Pi 3 b+ was limited to 1080p. Other SBCs (Single Board Computers) like the Asus Tinkerboard (paid link) could output 4k over HDMI, however it was limited to 30hz.

4k60hz is not enabled out of the box, and may need some extra debugging. At default, the pi will start at 4k30hz, and the mouse will feel sluggish to move around. …

It’s been a while since I last got to work with a Linux cluster, so I decided to build an affordable cluster of raspberry Pi computers. It took an entire afternoon to build! The cluster had 16 cores, 4gb of ram, 128gb of storage, a whopping 16 usb ports and only cost about $200. How many clusters do you know with 16 usb ports?

I decided to set up my cluster for monitoring my computers using Telegraf to report statistics like CPU and Memory usage. Some more awesome stuff you could do with your very own high performance cluster:

  • run…


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