What Not to Say to a 22-Year-Old Woman Traveling Alone
Zoë Björnson

I have been travelling solo many times. I have done it with or without money. I have been using local transport, walking, riding bicycle in Europe, Asia, Central America, US, Middle East. I’ve been to rural and wild places, staying at people homes and hostels, boutique hotels and b&bs. I also ate almost everything what I haven’t eat before- some of the things I still have not identified… I have learnt some words in foreign languages (especially ones to cheer the toast…), made friends for life and even had 2 years lasting relationship. I am 40 now and not planning to stop travelling. Not ready to give up on what I love. It does not matter if you do it solo or not. It does matter WHY you doing it but that is the whole different conversation…

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