MONØMANIA Editor Erin Cross converses with various photographers about their craft, their favorite photo books, their camera collection, and everything under their roofs.

This online initiative is solely for amusement while the world is healing from the pandemic. While we hope that this series turns successful, we also wish that this series will not last that long. For now, let’s #stayhome altogether.

All sessions are done live through Erin’s @ _erincross_ and the respective artist’s Instagram accounts.


To be announced.


April 29, 2020 (Wednesday)
Joel Pulliam @ j_pulliam_photo
Tokyo 21:00

April 25, 2020 (Saturday)
Aji Susanto Anom @ ajimonji
Jakarta 14:00・Tokyo 16:00…

Drawing Wisdom from the Mountains

About the Project

My fellow mountain trekkers always say, “The summit isn’t everything.”

Each step I take serves as wisdom: knowing my limitations and making peace with them. Every summit I reach bears friendship and teamwork. The scenic views are the rewards from the challenges I surpass. I need to preserve this wisdom, so it keeps growing within me.

I conclude it myself — mountain trekking is similar as the process of life.

“In the Middle of the Night, I Miss You”

About the Project

This story is Aji Susanto Anom’s way to let go his grieve and longing memories from losing his father through candid, yet dramatic, narratives — how his life changed after the sudden event, and how his mother and little family is moving on.


About the Project

The photographs from this series represent the position of a man as an object in scenographic world where, together with surroundings, he creates complete camouflage. In this journey from nature to digital world, human is one day equal part of nature and second day he is just a doc in everlasting base of documents. Anti of katharsis helps me to perceive human as fluid object placing himself in every position and environment, always examining is he lost, where is no one moment of katharsis and founding truth, it’s forever exploring.

“Presence in Absence”

About the Project

This work is a collection of photos with non-human elements. As someone who is NOT a natural when it comes to interacting with people, I find inanimate things as something I can more easily work with on photography. Mundane as it may seem, these ordinary things have something special in them, if we look closer and pay more attention. It’s like they have souls of their own, each one telling a different story of their life is and what it’s been.

Nothing Will Have Taken Place but the Place by Cristian Tablazon

In an ongoing series, Taro Karibe photographs the Suicide Forest and mines the polysemy of the word ishi, Japanese for “mind”, “human remains”, and “death by hanging.”

In his ongoing series i-shi (2016–), Tokyo-based photographer Taro Karibe (b. 1988) documents the Aokigahara or Sea of Trees, a dense 35-square-kilometer forest at the foot of Mt. Fuji, notorious for being venue to frequent incidents of suicide for several decades now.

Other than photographing the trees that bore witness to these deaths, and the traces of the transient inhabitants and the deceased in this area more popularly referred to as the Suicide…

“Dreams of Mutation” from Grenoble, France

About the Project

Psychedelic trance, or psytrance, is an electronic music scene born in the ’80s and now established as an “alternative” Western culture. Sometimes described as a “neo-hippie” movement, this scene also has been influenced by western’s underground genres (rave, punk, heavy metal, etc.) and by the mainstream occidental culture of the late 20th century.

This movement’s expression seems to be revealing hopes of transition, both societal and personal. The psytrance community promotes “spiritual transformation.” The “psychedelic experience” is praised for its transformative power; experimented at festivals or parties; facilitated by drug use or social rituals.

Echoing this “search for spiritual transformation,”…

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