A Photographic Essay

Last year I spent four months working on the congressional campaign of Tom Malinowski in New Jersey. Tom would become one of forty Democrats to knock incumbent Republicans from office, helping win back control of the House in what has been rightly termed a ‘blue wave’. As the campaign photographer I was privy to many of the key moments along the road to his election. This photographic essay documents the arduous path to an American election win from the perspective of a curious Irish outsider.

Fred Dutton and the Realignment of the Democratic Party

Fred Dutton


For much of its long history the Democratic Party has been regarded as the party of the people. It was the party of the workingman, the party of the unions, the party of the New Deal. The Republicans were thought to represent the country club set, Wall Street and Main Street. These simplistic notions of party identity have broken down and blurred in recent years, something which was confirmed by the 2016 presidential election. Donald Trump produced his shock win with the support of an enormous 67% of the white…

I love the lists that newspapers compile in the run up to Christmas. They help fill my playlists, bookshelves and stocking with overlooked gems and new discoveries. Here are my own favourites from 2014 across music, film, books and television.


It has been a great year for music. With the advent of Spotify I listen to a wider array of music, more often, and sooner after their release. Its the best tenner you’ll ever spend. If the iTunes pay-per-song model focused bands and fans on big singles, Spotify has helped the album to reemerge. …

Neil Monahan

US Politics.

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