An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

I can simply say Talia shouldn’t have applied for this job first of all. Even though people take such job sometimes just to gain experience, in that case he/she should just focus on learning and skill improvements. Since the basic purpose & decisions are wrong from Talia’s side, I do not get surprised by seeing such email. Before applying for a job, someone must understand:

  1. What are the expectations of the Organization from him/her.
  2. What contributions he/she should make for the Organization.
  3. What can he/she expect from the Organization in terms of Money/Knowledge/Skill/Experience/Comfort etc

I think, Employee & Employer both should be transparent to express & have mutual understanding in regular basis, regarding the expectations from each others side. This happens before Job Offer & through Appraisal Process. But not effective in many cases for several reasons.

I find a mistake from Employer’s side that, they could not filter Talia during the interview process.

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