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🔴 50% off to prices at Monosnap.com
Discounts are applied for new subs and renewing Commercial Plan.
The next renewal will be for full price.

⚠️ Starts November 27th — December 1st

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Monosnap supports team accounts. This type of account available in the Commercial Plan. What’s happened when you buy Commercial Plan?

  • One license is for one user. You need to buy licenses for each user otherwise other users will be logged out automatically from Monosnap by the system.
  • To become a…

Monosnap has a hidden option that allows automatically select a window for video recording. Let’s begin!

To select a window for video recording, complete these steps:

  • Launch Monosnap app
  • In the main menu, select Capture Area tool
  • Hold ⌥ (macOS)/ Ctrl (Windows) key and click on a window with Capture Area tool

That is all! You’ll see the recording area in the size of the selected window.

Monosnap + Zoom integration allows uploading and sharing files related to Zoom Meetings to Monosnap storage on the fly. Let’s see how it works!

All step by step guides related to Zoom integration, you can find here.

There are two ways to enable Zoom integration:

1. Create Monosnap account using…


Screenshot and video recording tool + ☁️ storage.

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