✉️ Monosnap use cases for Сustomer Support Team

Jul 23 · 2 min read

😍 Increase customer satisfaction with clear visual guides.

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Easily create clear visual explanations

⌛️ To close ticket faster capture step by step guides.
📸 Capture dynamic elements with frozen capture mode or use timer.
💧 Focus attention on details and blur sensitive data.
🔥 Don’t waste your time — use hotkeys and think with Drag & Drop!

Avoid text — show video!

🎥 To explain complicated moments faster, record all on the video or GIF.
💬 If words not enough, ask your customer to reproduce a bug on the video.
🙂 Record your face to engage with your premium customers.
✂️ Trim videos as a PRO after recording.

Upload files to cloud storage of your company

📤 Upload to Monosnap Сloud or the storage that your company already uses.
🔗 Share with customers short links.

Perfect for Customers and Teams:

✅ Customers
✅ Customer Support
✅ Customer Success
✅ Technical Support

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📥 Download Monosnap to be more clear and visual 😍
✉️ Questions, comments, concerns? Contact us: support@monosnap.com
💡 Request feature for your team

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