Monosnap Editor: How to select and modify objects or images?

Learn about how to select, move, and modify objects in the Monosnap Image Editor to get better screenshots in a few clicks.

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How to select an object or image?

A selection isolates one or multiple objects or images for quick editing. By selecting, you can move or edit selected objects or images.

To select objects or images in the Monosnap Editor, you don’t need any selection tool. Hover an object that you want to select and click on it!

On hover state, the cursor becomes cross, indicating that you may select this object or image.

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To select multiple objects or images, hold down (macOS)/Ctrl (Windows) and select by clicking.

To deselect the object or image, click the canvas outside of your selected objects or image. The markers disappear, indicating that your selection is no longer active.

There is no way to select the first image in the Monosnap Editor. To modify it, please use the Crop and Resize tools in the bottom bar.

How to move and edit the selected object or image?

To organize objects or images on your screenshot, you can move, modify, and edit them. Before you need to select appropriate objects or images. Notice that the cursor appears bold on selected state, indicating you can move or edit selected objects.

To move, select and drag selected objects or images.

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Editing options in the Monosnap Editor:

To change the color of the selected object, open the color bar by clicking on the color in the bottom bar.

To scale selection, click and drag reference points appeared.

To change thickness, use slider on the bottom bar or hotkeys:
macOS: ⌘[ and ⌘]
Window: Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+]

To add shadow and text outline, enable “Shadow & outline” option in the color bar.

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